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Welcome to Hourglass Theatre


About Jenny Maynard

Hourglass is a female theatre company founded by Andrea Turner, Suzie Lowe and Jenny Maynard. Hourglass trained together at The University of Exeter. We have performed our own shows as 'Hourglass', including the piece 'Spread' ("a meaty, mouth-watering tour de force" The Irish World) about women and food, and have also worked together on a number of community drama projects. Last year we directed the cross-generational performance, ‘Bromley in Love’ for the Churchill Theatre. Our background is in devised theatre rather than dance but we seek to engage physically in all the work we do. Andrea is a trainee yoga teacher and we employ yoga as one way of developing performer awareness. We also pull in other influences from martial arts, suzuki, and butoh. Suzie runs drama workshops for 5-12 year olds across London and St Albans. She has also worked extensively with teenagers and her production of Heartbreak Beautiful won the National Theatre’s Connections competition, 2009. Jenny currently teaches two adult theatre courses for the Churchill Theatre and also performs as an actress and singer. She appeared last month in the short film, The Abducted (directed by Mike Arnold), which was shown at Bafta. Together, we like to bring humour and an element of the bizarre into our work. We are serious about making performance but we don't like to take ourselves too seriously at the same time. Theatre, for us, is about honesty and connection.

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